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I can offer  the  PADI Digital underwater photographer  course. This offers you a prescribed course and a certification.
I offer  beginner sessions to intermediate improver sessions that are tailored to your requirements. We review your photo’s to date if you have any, no worries if not, beginner sessions are again tailored to build on any knowledge you have.

There are many techniques that can be demonstrated and practiced  in a class room or outside environment, once the concepts are grasped and practiced, then you transfer these skills to the underwater environment.

In all honesty learning the basics and improving isn't rocket science, its just about getting a firm foundation understanding to build on.  The challenge is thinking in your fins, dealing with light, subjects, currents and watching your buoyancy and keeping steady.

Informal Talks/discussions, 1-2-3 hour appointments
subjects could include

Basics of general photography,
Jpeg and or RAW images~
Speed and why,
Aperture exposure how and why, when to choose what
ISO, settings.
Depth of filed. Have to achieve and when its critical
Wide angle its perspective,
Focus and exposure, Balance existing light with strobes.
Close focus wide angle
Macro, exposure/speed, focus, how to have better chance of in focus shots.
Strobes power sync speeds   exposure adjustments
Ambient light balance
White balance for Jpeg
Lighting changes
Backscatter different techniques to reduce it.
Housings and operation issues
Compact versa Mirror less
Setting up your rig
General equipment set up overview.
Typical pitfalls mistakes by new underwater photographers.
Looking after your camera whilst on board a boat etc
Reduce condensation issues in the housing, do and do not's.

The sessions would be quite informal around the table, practice with camera/strobes, Set up your rig,

Looking at previous pictures you have taken helps enormously.

Suggest some home work to try in garden at night etc

Return with images to discuss and build on.

I recommend reading some good books and watching some Internet tutorials.
I could suggest Martin Edge book -The Underwater Photographer and Alex Mustards book  The Underwater Photography Master class.

Nauticam with Inon Wide Angle lens

With Inon macro UCL165 x2

With Nauticam rear magnifier

Snoot with laser pointer

email- andywillettphotography@hotmail.com